Lesson 10 a pair of scissors is / are

Choose the correct answers:

  1. Scissors __________ (is, are) useful in art projects.
  2. A pair of new scissors __________ (is, are) on the table for my new project.
  3. Where __________ (is, are) my glasses? I need them to see better when I start my art project.


Nouns like “scissors, glasses, pants, pajamas…” almost always appear in their plural forms, so treat them as “they”. The verbs after them should take the plural form as well.  However, when the subject is “a pair of…”, the subject becomes “it”, so the singular form of the verb is correct.

  • In sentence #1, scissors = they (They are…)
  • In sentence #2, a pair of scissors = it (It is…)
  • In sentence #3, glasses = they (Where are they…)



  1. My pajamas __________ (is, are) really old. Maybe I can cut them to make something new.
  2. My roommate’s new pair of scissors __________ (cut, cuts) really well.
  3. “My new scissors __________ (is, are) in the drawer. Help yourself!” She said. I love my roommate for her willingness to share.




are; is; are

are; cuts; are