Lesson 51 verbs in mixed unreal conditionals

Choose the correct answers:

Facts: Ahmad received a promotion at work last week. He is planning to take his family on a vacation.

  1. If Ahmad __________ (had not gotten, did not get) a promotion last week, he __________ (does not plan, will not be planning, would not be planning) to take his family on a vacation.
  2. The plane tickets have been sold out.  Now Ahmad has to postpone the vacation. If the plane tickets __________ (were not sold out, had not been sold out), Ahmad __________ (will not have to postpone, would not have to postpone) the vacation now.


Things in the past have an effect on the present or future. Therefore, it is common to use a mix of tenses in unreal conditional sentences. Start from the basic patterns below. Mix and match them based on the time of the action or situation.

present or future time:

if clause:   simple past

result clause:   would+ base form of verb / would+ be + verb-ing

past time:

if clause:   past perfect

result clause:   would + have + past participle

Here, “would” can be replaced by “could” or “might” for a softer tone.

  • In Sentence #1,

if clause:   had not gotten (past perfect) to show past

result clause:   would not be planning (would + be + verb-ing) to show present

  • In Sentence #2,

if clause:   had not been sold out (past perfect) to show past

result clause:   would not have (would + base form of verb) to show present.



Facts: You accepted a job offer yesterday without discussing with me. We are arguing now.

  1. I __________ (would not have accepted, would not accept) this job offer yesterday if I __________ (were, had been) you.
  2. If you __________ (discussed, had discussed) the offer with me before accepting it, we __________ (would not be arguing, are not arguing, would not have been arguing) now.




had not gotten; would not be planning; had not been sold out; would not have to postpone

would not have accepted; were; had discussed; would not be arguing