Lesson 28 would / used to

Choose the correct answers:

  1. When my sister and I were little, we __________ (would, used to) play hide-and-seek after school.
  2. We __________ (would, used to) live close to our grandparents.
  3. Our grandparents __________ (would, used to) have a house with a huge yard.


Would + base verb:   habitual past actions

used to + base verb:   habitual past actions and past situations

To summarize, for habitual past actions, both can be used. However, for past situations, only “used to” is correct.

  • In Sentence #1, both answers are correct because both refer to a past action – play
  • In Sentence #2 and #3, only “used to” is correct because the sentences are about past situations – live and have



In my childhood,

  1. I __________ (would, used to) have long hair.
  2. My parents __________ (would, used to) be very busy at their work.
  3. My sister and I __________ (would, used to) finish homework assignments as soon as we got home from school.




would/used; used to; used to

used to; used to; would/used to