Lesson 11 verbs after “either…or…” and “neither…nor…”

Choose the correct answers:

  1. Either a sandwich or two hot dogs __________ (is, are) enough for my lunch.
  2. Neither my brother nor my sisters __________ (has, have) eaten lunch with me recently.
  3. Neither my sisters nor my brother __________ (is, are) going to have lunch with me tomorrow.


When a subject involves “either…or…” or “neither nor…”, the part after “or” or “nor” determines the singular or plural form of the verb.

  • In sentence #1, two hot dogs = they (They are…)
  • In sentence #2, my sisters = they (They have…)
  • In sentence #3, my brother = he (He is…)



  1. Either one whole egg or two egg yolks __________ (is, are) good for the new recipe.
  2. Either two egg yolks or one whole egg __________ (is, are) good for the new recipe.
  3. Neither this new recipe nor the old ones __________ (has, have) turned out well.




are; have; is

are; is; have