Lesson 38 get, have, let, make

Choose the correct answers:

  1. When we were little, our grandmother had a great way to get us __________ (do, to do, doing) household chores willingly.
  2. Once, she had my elder sister __________ (vacuum, to vacuum, vacuuming) the carpet and made my elder brother __________ (do, to do, doing) the dishes.
  3. She always let me __________ (choose, to choose, choosing) what to do. I was her favorite!


The meanings of these four words are not exactly the same, but they are similar: want/allow somebody to do something. Here are their patterns:

get + a person + to + base verb

have + a person + base verb

let + a person + base verb

make + a person + base verb

If a pronoun is used to replace the person, use the object pronoun such as “us, me, him, them…”

“To” is used with “get”, but not with “have, make, let”. “Verb-ing” is never used.

  • In Sentence #1, get + us (people) + to + do (base verb)
  • In Sentence #2, had + my elder sister (person) + vacuum (base verb); made + my elder brother (person)+ do (base verb)
  • In Sentence #3, let + me (person) + choose (base verb)



Why was our grandmother able to have us __________ (do, to do, doing) the chores willingly? She always set a time limit. If we finished the chores within the time limit, she let us __________ (pick, to pick, picking) a toy or __________ (have, to have, having) more TV time. She made us __________ (believe, to believe, believing) that our work should be rewarded. That was how she got us __________ (help, to help, helping) around the house!




to do; vacuum; do; choose

do; pick; have; believe; to help