Lesson 12 everyone needs / need…

Choose the correct answers:

  1. Everyone __________ (needs, need) to attend the team meeting this afternoon.
  2. Someone __________ (is going to, are going to) introduce the new leadership structure at the meeting.
  3. Something important __________ (has changed, have changed) in the company. All of the employees __________ (feels, feel) a bit nervous.


When an indefinite pronoun acts as the subject of a sentence, understand it as “he”, “she”, or “it”. Therefore, a singular form of the verb should be used.  However, when the subject is a plural noun, understand it as “they”, and the verb must take the plural form as well.

  • In Sentence #1, everyone = he or she  (He or she needs…)
  • In Sentence #2, someone = he or she (He or she is…)
  • In Sentence #3, something = it (It has…); all of the employees = they (They feel…)



When everyone __________ (does, do) his or her best, the company benefits. Employers __________ (manages, manage) the business well, and the employees __________ (is, are) willing to contribute.  No one __________ (dodges, dodge) responsibilities.




needs; is going to; has changed; feel

does; manage; are; dodges