Lesson 9 being quiet / quiet

Choose the correct answers:

  1. Martha __________ (is usually, is usually being) quiet.  She likes to sit in the room and read a book by herself.
  2. However, Martha __________ (is, is being) loud today. She usually does not act this way.
  3. Martha’s elder brothers __________ (are, are being) childish these days.  They usually make decisions after careful consideration, but this time they are acting on impulse.


The verb “being” has a special function in explaining a temporary behavior that is opposite to a person’s usual way of doing things.  The pattern is

subject + a form of “Be” + being + adjective

This expression cannot be used to describe physical conditions.

In describing a person’s usual personality or character, an adjective (without “being”) is sufficient.  For example, I am helpful, and they are careless.

  • In Sentence #1, the word “usually” and the example followed indicate Martha’s usual personality – quiet.
  • In Sentence #2, the transition “however” and the explanation “usually does not act this way” indicate that being loud is a temporary behavior.
  • In Sentence #3, the second part of the sentence indicates that being childish is not Martha’s elder brothers’ usual behavior.



  1. I am not feeling well today.  I __________ (am, am being) sick. (hint: This is a physical condition.)
  2. I __________ (am usually, am usually being) very helpful to my family, but now I need to rest and recover from my illness first.
  3. Thankfully, my sister __________ (is, is being) extremely caring today. She usually minds just her own business.




is usually quite; is being; are being

am; am usually; is being