Lesson 37 verb order in embedded questions

Choose the correct answers:

  1. Do you know what time __________ (do most stores open, most stores open) on Black Friday?
  2. I need a new TV. I would like to know how low __________ (the prices will go, will the prices go) on Black Friday.
  3. I am not sure if __________ (I should buy, should I buy) it online or in the store.


When a question is included in a sentence or another question, the first question is called an embedded question. It should not follow the usual question order. Follow the patterns below:

When the embedded question is an information question:

question word (when, where, who…) + subject + complete verb

When the embedded question is a yes/no question:

if/whether + subject + complete verb

  • In Sentence #1,  what time (question word) + most stores (subject) + open (complete verb)
  • In Sentence #2,  how low (question word) + the prices (subject) + will go (complete verb)
  • In Sentence #3,  if + I (subject) +  should buy (complete verb)



I just bought my TV! Do you know how much __________ (did I save, I saved) by buying it on Black Friday? The line had been so long that I wondered whether __________ (I would be lucky, would I be lucky) enough to get it. Of course, after getting the TV, I realized how tired __________ (I was, was I).




most stores open; the prices will go; I should buy

I saved; I would be lucky; I was