Lesson 45 verbs after “remember”

Choose the correct answers:

  1. Mei and Johnny have been married for ten years.  Johnny still remembers __________ (to carry, carrying) Mei over the threshold of their new home on their wedding day.
  2. Mei also remembers __________(to put, putting) salt instead of sugar in the first dessert she made for Johnny.
  3. Since that incident, Mei has always remembered __________ (to place, placing) the sugar and the salt on separate shelves.


The verb “remember” can be followed by both an infinitive (to + base verb) and a gerund (verb-ing), with very different meanings.

remember + to + base verb (infinitive):  remember before the action

remember + verb-ing (gerund):  remember after the action; the action was already performed in the past.

  • In Sentence #1, remember + gerund. Johnny carried Mei over the threshold. It happened, and Johnny still remembers that.  “Remembering” occurs after “carrying”.
  • In Sentence #2, remember + gerund. Mei put salt instead of sugar in the dessert.  It happened, and Mei still remembers that incident. “Remembering” occurs after “putting”.
  • In Sentence #3, remember + infinitive. When Mei places the salt and the sugar, she reminds herself to put them on different shelves. “Remembering” occurs before “placing”.



When Johnny left home in the morning, Mei said, “Remember __________ (to stop, stopping) by the post office. When Johnny came back home after work, he could not find the stamps he had brought.  “Strange! I remember __________ (to buy, buying) them and __________ (to put, putting) them in my wallet. Why aren’t they there now?”




carrying; putting; to place

to stop; buying; putting