Lesson 39 have photos taken / take photos

Choose the correct answers:

  1. In the past, many people went to a photo studio to __________ (have their photos taken, take their photos).
  2. Later, they had their own analogue camera and __________ (took photos, had their friend take photos) of them.
  3. Now, most people have a smart phone. They can __________ (take their own photos, have their photos taken) called selfies.


have a person do something = have something done (by a person)

In the left part, “do” is the base verb and can be replaced by other base verbs such as “take, cook, drive…”

In the right part, “done” is the past participle and can be replaced by other past participles such as “taken, cooked, driven…”

In both cases, the subject is not the one doing the action.

  • In Sentence #1, people went to a photo studio and asked a photographer to take photos of them.  They could not take their own photos.

have their photos taken = have a photographer take their photos

  • In Sentence #2, people asked a friend to use an analogue camera and take photos of them. In most cases, they could not take photos of themselves with an analogue camera.

had their friend take photos = had their photos taken by their friend

  • In Sentence #3, now people can use a smart phone to take photos (selfies) of themselves. They do not need to ask another person to do it.



  1. My sister is talented in doing things by herself. With a mirror and some tools, she is able to ­­­­­­­­­__________ (cut her own hair, have her hair cut). Some of her friends come to her to __________ (have their hair cut, cut their hair). This means that they __________ (have my sister cut, cut) their hair.
  2. The expression “__________” (have a haircut, cut my hair, have my sister cut my hair) usually can mean a haircut by another person or by oneself.




have their photos taken; had their friend take photos; take their own photos

cut her own hair; have their hair cut; have my sister cut; have a haircut