Lesson 15 always naps / is always napping

Choose the correct answers:

  1. My sister __________ (always naps, is always napping) on the couch near dinner time.
  2. She __________ (constantly talks, is always talking) loudly on the phone until midnight.
  3. When she is off the phone or couch, she __________ (always plays, is always playing) video games.


While both choices are grammatically correct, there is a difference in tone. When an adverb such as “always”, “constantly”, or “forever” is used with the simple present or simple past tense, the sentence states a present or past fact or routine. When it is used with the present progressive or past progressive tense, it implies emotion in addition to a fact or routine.

with simple present or simple past:

fact or routine

with present progressive or past progressive:

fact or routine + emotion (usually negative as in complaints)

  • In the above sentences, all of them state a fact AND imply that I don’t like my sister’s behaviors.



Having roommates helped me cut down my living cost; however, my first roommate in college __________ (always left, was always leaving) dirty dishes in the sink. He __________ (forever played, was forever playing) loud music, and he __________ (constantly invited, was constantly inviting) his friends over for parties. I realized that saving my money and saving my sanity could not always go hand in hand.




Is always napping; is constantly talking; is always playing

was always leaving; was forever playing; was constantly inviting