Lesson 16 works / is working

Choose the correct answers:

  1. My friend Miguel __________ (works, is working) for a consulting company.
  2. He __________ (also helps, is also helping) out in his cousin’s electronics store this month as the store is extremely busy during the holiday season.
  3. For now, he __________ (lives, is living) with his cousin’s family. Michael hopes to buy his own condo next year.
  4. His cousin’s family __________ (lives, is living) in Arlington Heights.


Sometimes the two verb tenses are very close in meaning, but the present progressive implies a temporary situation, while the simple present indicates a more permanent fact.

  • In Sentences #1 and #4, the work and living situations are more permanent.
  • In Sentences #2 and #3, the work and living situations are temporary.



My kids’ babysitter is on vacation this month, so my mom __________ (helps, is helping) me these days. She __________ (lives, is living) with my sister in another city, but now she __________ (lives, is living) with me to help me with my kids.




works; is also helping; is living; lives

is helping; lives; is living