Lesson 41 decide to apply / postpone applying

Choose the correct answers:

  1. Jorge has decided __________ (to apply, applying) for a scholarship.
  2. He is going to postpone __________ (to apply, applying) for a part-time job.
  3. When he finishes __________ (to apply, applying) for the scholarship next week, he is going to check the course offerings at the college.


Some verbs and expressions are followed by “verb-ing”, called a gerund.

Some more examples in this category: avoid walking alone, enjoy reading books, suggest going to a movie theater…

Some verbs and expressions are followed by “to + base verb”, called an infinitive.

Some more examples in this category: volunteer to help the neighbor, plan to visit a museum; fail to arrive on time…

In most cases, the main verb (decide, postpone, finish, avoid, enjoy, suggest, volunteer, plan, fail…) determines whether to use an infinitive or a gerund after it.

  • In Sentence #1, has decided + to + apply (base verb) [infinitive]
  • In Sentence #2, is going to postpone + applying (verb-ing) [gerund]
  • In Sentence #3, finishes + applying (verb-ing) [gerund]



My friends have offered __________ (to help, helping) me babysit my young children. Some of them have promised __________ (to babysit, babysitting) them three days a week. I appreciate their kindness, but I enjoy __________ (to spend, spending) time with my children. I have decided __________ (to postpone, postponing) my work until they are old enough to go to school.




to apply; applying; applying

to help; to babysit; spending; to postpone