Lesson 44 verbs after “suggest” and “recommend”

Choose the correct answers:

  1. The academic advisor suggested that Ona __________ (takes, take, will take) a math class next semester.
  2. He also recommended __________ (her to register, registering, register) as soon as possible.
  3. All of Ona’s friends suggested __________ (she does not take, not taking, not to take) more than four courses.
  4. The friends also recommended that she __________ (does not work, not work, not working) full time.


Nouns, pronouns, verbs, and clauses can follow these two verbs to explain the specific suggestion or recommendation.  Follow the patterns below for verbs and clauses:

  1. suggest/recommend + verb-ing 
  2. suggest/recommend + that + subject + base verb (Use base verb regardless of the subject or verb tense)
  3. suggest/recommend + that + subject + should + base verb (This option is less common.)

The structure “suggest/recommend + a person + to + base verb” is not used.

  • In Sentence #1: suggested + that + Ona (subject) + register (base verb)
  • In Sentence #2, recommended + registering (verb-ing)
  • In Sentence #3, suggested + not + taking (verb-ing) [negative]
  • In Sentence #4, recommended + that + she (subject) + not + work (base verb) [negative]



Mike’s professor has strongly suggested that he __________ (do, does, doing) the extra-credit project to boost his grade. She has also recommended __________ (use, to use, using) the online learning materials to prepare for the final exam. Mike’s parents have a different suggestion. They suggest that he __________ (not play, do not play, not playing) computer games any more.




take; registering; not taking; not work

do; using; not play