Lesson 1 holds / hold

Choose the correct answers:

  1. My neighbor Joe and his brother often __________ (holds, hold) a BBQ party in their backyard on weekends.
  2. Joe __________ (has, have) a huge backyard with beautiful flowers and plants.
  3. My sister and I __________ (likes, like) to attend Joe’s party.


In describing facts and routine activities with the simple present tense, an “s” is necessary after the main verb if the subject is “he”, “she”, or “it”.

Do not try to choose your verb based on whether the subject is singular or plural because “I” is also singular and “you” can be singular as well. Instead, look at the subject, and add an “s” to the main verb if you can change the subject to “he”, “she”, or “it”.

  • in Sentence #1, my neighbor Joe and his brother = they (They hold…)
  • in Sentence #2, Joe = he (He has…)
  • in Sentence #3, my sister and I = we (We like…)



  1. Plants and flowers __________ (keeps, keep) Joe busy and happy.
  2. Joe and his brother __________ (has, have) to water them regularly.
  3. A beautiful garden __________ (makes, make) life more enjoyable.




hold; has; like

keep; have; makes