Lesson 6 answers to negative yes/no questions

Choose the correct answers:

Two people (A and B) are having a conversation before leaving home.

A. It’s snowing. Aren’t you going to put on your coat?

B. __________ (Yes, I am; No, I am not; Yes, I am not; No, I am.) I don’t want to catch cold. By the way, don’t you like the new boots I bought you? You’re not wearing them.

A. __________ (Yes, I do; No, I don’t; Yes, I don’t; No, I do.) I will wear them to our holiday party next week.

B. What holiday party?

A. Didn’t you read the invitation card on the table?

B. __________ (Yes, I did; No, I didn’t; Yes, I didn’t; No, I did.) I haven’t had time to go through the mail.


A Yes/No question is a type of question that requires a yes or no answer. When the question itself is in the negative form, the person asking usually shows some degree of surprise or demands a confirmation. The answer to such a question can be confusing. One strategy is to answer in full instead of using the short version. Remember, do not answer “yes” with a negative verb or answer “no” with a positive verb.

  • In Sentence #B, Yes, I am going to wear the coat. (Yes, I am.)
  • In Sentence #A, Yes, I like the new boots. (Yes, I do.)
  • In Sentence #B, No, I didn’t read the invitation card. (No, I didn’t.)



The same two people (A and B) returned home after the holiday party.

A. That was a fun party, but there weren’t enough desserts.

B. Not enough? Didn’t you eat two large pieces of cake?

A. __________ (Yes, I did; No, I didn’t; Yes, I didn’t; No, I did.) I gave one to Andy.

B. Oh, I see. Let’s open this new bottle of wine.

A. Haven’t you drunk enough for one day? I saw you drink at least three glasses at the party.

B. __________ (Yes, I have; No, I haven’t; Yes, I haven’t; No, I have), but it’s a special day. Just one extra sip won’t do any harm!




Yes, I am; Yes, I do; No, I didn’t

No, I didn’t; Yes, I have