Lesson 36 verb order in not only / hardly ever / never

Choose the correct answers:

  1. Not only __________ (is Juan receiving, Juan is receiving) his college degree next week, but he has also obtained his first job offer!
  2. No sooner __________ (did he hear, he  heard) the good news than he told his family.
  3. Never __________ (has everyone been, everyone has been) so happy for him.


When a sentence starts with “not only, no sooner, never, hardly ever, never, rarely, not until”, the verb order should be changed. Such sentences usually indicate emphasis. Follow the patterns below:

When the main verb is a “Be” verb:

one of these expressions + a form of “Be” + subject

When the main verb is a “Do” verb:

one of these expressions + helping verb + subject + main verb

  • In Sentence #1, Not only +  is (helping verb) + she (subject) + receiving (present participle form of main verb “receive”) [present progressive tense]
  • In Sentence #2, No sooner + did (helping verb) + she (subject) + hear (base form of main verb “hear”) [simple past tense]
  • In Sentence #3, Never + has (helping verb) + everyone (subject) + been (past participle of main verb “be”) [present perfect tense]



Not only __________ (is Eunsoo, Eunsoo is) my neighbor, she is also my best friend. Never __________ (has she failed, she has failed) to help me in my sickness. She is always on time to bring me food and medicine. Rarely _________ (does she show, she shows) up late.




is Juan receiving; did he hear; has everyone been

is Eunsoo; has she failed; does she show