Lesson 13 five miles is / are…

Choose the correct answers:

  1. There are five miles from my home to my school. Five miles __________ (is, are) not too far.
  2. It takes me ten minutes to drive from my home to my school. Ten minutes of driving __________ (is, are) not so bad.
  3. Taking a cab may cost me about $20 plus $4 for the tip. $24 __________ (sounds, sound) a lot of money for one trip.


When a subject is a number associated with distance, time, money, or grade, the subject is considered one unit and can be understood as “it”; therefore, the verb needs to take a singular form.

  • In Sentence #1, five miles = it (It is…)
  • In Sentence #2, ten minutes = it (It is…)
  • In Sentence #3, $24 = it (It sounds…)
  • However, “There are five miles from my home to school.”  Here, five miles = they



Last week, I had a vocabulary quiz. Thirty minutes __________ (was, were) not long enough for me, but I received 90/100 on the quiz. 90 __________ (was, were) good enough for me! I am planning to buy a new English dictionary. It will cost $60. Though it is expensive, I think $60 __________ (is, are) worth the money. With the help of this dictionary, I may get 98/100 on my next quiz.




is; is; sounds

was; was; is