Lesson 5 no helping verbs in questions

Choose the correct answers:

  1. What __________ (did take place, took place) on campus yesterday?
  2. Who __________ (did receive, received) the first prize in the competition?
  3. Which college __________ (does host, hosts) the competition every year?


If “who”, “what”, or “which” is the subject in a simple present or a simple past question, and the main verb is a “Do” verb, then do not include a helping verb “do”, “does”, or “did” in the question.  A good approach is to answer the question. It is easier to see the subject in the answer.

  • Answer to Question #1: A math competition took place on campus yesterday.  (what = a math competition, subject)
  • Answer to Question #2:  Amanda received the first prize. (who = Amanda, subject)
  • Answer to Question #3: Harper College hosts the competition every year. (which college = Harper College, subject)



  1. Who just __________ (did announce, announced) the winners?
  2. Which college__________ (does have, has) the most winners in this math competition?
  3. What __________ (makes, do make) math so interesting?




took place; received; hosts

announced; has; makes