College Life – Navigating the System and Campus Resources

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  • Counseling: If seeking support resources is hard, or you prefer not to speak with someone, know that Counseling Services also has a free online app called Welltrack. It’s an anonymous tool designed to be interactive and help you learn more about yourself, whether you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed. You can sign up for Welltrack online.
  • Hawks Care: If giving back is a value that’s important to you, consider donating to the Hawks Care Office. They have Amazon wish-lists, but also requests for basic needs and pantry items. To see the full list, visit the Hawks Care website.
  • Wellness Center: As you learned from the chapter reading, the 8 different elements of wellness are expansive. The Wellness website has more information about how you can incorporate wellness into your world.
  • Paying for College: Finances can be one if not the biggest barriers for most students and a contributing factor to why students stop going to college. However, at Harper College, the One-Stop Center can provide you assistance with applying for financial aid by helping you with completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). In addition to FAFSA application, Harper has a large variety of Donor Sponsored scholarships. Not all scholarships are merit “academic” based some are based on your major and interest.


  • Athletics: Did you know that the Harper Hawks has a fight song?
    • “Go out and fight you Harper Hawks
      We’re gonna win today
      We’ve got the team that really rocks
      Victory is on its way
      Showing our Blue and Silver pride
      Spirit that will not be denied
      Go out and fight you Harper Hawks
      We’re going all the way”
  • Cultural Center: There are additional ways to get involved through the Cultural Center and create a sense of belonging. There are Fellowships you can apply for as well as a mentor program called GLIDE. Visit the GLIDE website to learn more!


  • JPRC: There are 8 different online workshops that you can review right now to help you get started in your Career journey. Check out all their available workshops on the JPRC website!
  • Library: Learn more on the “Top 5” things the Library can offer you during your time at Harper

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