Career Development – Developing an Ed Plan in Degree Works


Student Graduating
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Whether you have selected a major, or are considering your options, career development and educational planning are an important part of your overall student development. Taking the time to participate in the career development process will provide the best possible start to your academic journey at Harper in the following ways:

  • It will help you understand how your interests, personality, values, and skills connect to possible majors and careers.
  • You will discover occupations that match your preferences and attributes.
  • If you are a decided major, you will verify your selection and learn more about career options and job market information.
  • You will be more informed to participate effectively in career planning and decision making.

Research shows that career planning leads to increased motivation, improved academic achievement, and student retention. It also leads to timely graduation and transfer, which saves you time and money!

In this chapter, we have designed learning experiences to help you:

  1. Meet with your Academic Advisor
  2. Explore career and major opportunities within an Area of Interest
  3. Create an educational plan which includes academic and career goals and explores pathways for completion
  4. Understand the Career Development process
  5. Learn how the Job Placement Resource Center can assist you in reaching your goals
student participating in soft skills activity in Job Placement Resource Center
FYS student participating in a soft skills activity during a class Job Placement Resource Center visit


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