Career Development – Developing an Ed Plan in Degree Works

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Exploration Resources:

Internships are a great way to learn and explore if a career or specific position is right for you! Harper has partnered with two different external resources for remote internships experiences:

Parker-Dewey (for micro-internships)

Forage (for virtual internships)

The Job Placement Resource Center can also meet with you individually to discuss your goals and share ways on how to get you an in-person internship.

Decision Making Resources:

After you’ve taken Focus 2, and you know more about your skills and abilities, explore O*NET Online here, which can help you browse the different skills you have and help you apply them to majors that might align with goals.

Educational Planning Resources:

Educational planning is an important step towards meeting your educational and career goals. View the educational planning workshop video below to learn more about Areas of Interest, program degree requirements, tracking your progress with Degree Works, and transfer planning.

Career Competency Resources:

Being “Career Ready” may take some time, but learning to develop these critical skills is so important. Take a look through the Career Spots videos here to learn more about each of the individual Career Competencies.

Career Planning Resources:

Job Search Resources:

Some of the Areas of Interest also house Labor Statistics that can show you how many jobs are needed in the area, employment statistics, and expected salary. Below you can check out some of the popular majors that house this information. Be sure to click on your Area of Interest and find your specific career path to see this information. If you’re having a hard time locating the information, it’s important to do your own research!

Accounting Hospitality Management Supply Chain Management Business Administration 
Architectural Studies Art and Design Fashion Graphic Arts Interior Design
Early Childhood Education Elementary Education Secondary Education
Computer Science  Welding Kinesiology Psychology


The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics is another amazing resource that can help give you more clarity as to the various jobs you are thinking of having for your future. Check out the website here to learn more about what specific careers do, job outlook, and how to get into the career path.

Looking for a job can feel like a full time job itself, but knowing where to start is important. Check out this section of Career Spots here to learn all about how to kick start your job search.


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