College Life – Navigating the System and Campus Resources


Harper students on an inflatable chair at Hullabaloo

Harper welcomes you as a new student!

The college environment may be new to many of you, and knowing your way around campus is just one aspect of helping you feel connected. Taking time to get familiar with all the resources on campus and form connections with one another and Harper staff will help you to be more successful. This chapter will get you started with some important introductory activities to provide you with college knowledge that can make all the difference in your experience and success.

In this chapter, we have designed learning experiences to help you:

  1. Identify support resources
  2. Connect to Harper through social, educational and personal resources
  3. Examine how a syllabus can guide your success
    FYS student wearing a brightly-colored shirt created at a campus event
    FYS student wearing a shirt made at a tie-dye event


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