Information Literacy and Source Documentation

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The following resources will help you learn more general information literacy skills as well as skills for using the Harper College Library specifically. Information literacy and research skills will be invaluable to you at Harper and beyond!

Citing Sources

It’s critical that all Harper students understand the basics of how to cite and how to get help with citing. The following resources may help you with that process.

Citing Your Sources: APA and MLA

This guide from the Harper Library covers the basics of citing in both MLA and APA style, the two most common citations types you’ll encounter at Harper. It’s a great place to start!

Harper Librarians

Be sure to ask questions if you have them! Harper librarians can help in person (F Building), through chat, or in a one-on-one research appointment.

Harper Writing Center

The Writing Center is also great with citations, especially helping you effectively and appropriately incorporate your sources into your writing. They have appointments and drop in hours available.

MLA Handbook Plus

If you have to use MLA style specifically, this subscription resource from the Library includes citing directions, general writing help, and even a guide to research.

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL): Research and Citation

This massive site will give you (almost) everything you want to know about citing, including other citation styles beyond just MLA and APA.

Media Literacy

Mediawise Videos – This organization does a lot of advocacy and education around media literacy and fact checking. They have many videos, including suggestions for good media literacy habits as well as fact-checking videos where young adults walk through how they fact check something.

News Literacy Project – This organization provides educational materials about the process by which news is created and how we can all be smart consumers of news. Their site has quizzes, videos, and lots of other resources you can use to improve your news literacy.

How to Use the Harper Library

Top 5 Ways the Harper Library Can Help You Succeed

How to Ask a Question at the Harper Library

Getting a Book from the Harper Library

Study Rooms at the Harper Library

Finding Databases at the Harper Library

Getting Citations from Library Databases

General Research Skills

Developing a Research Question (slides)

Choosing and Refining a Topic

Research as a Conversation


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