Author Acknowledgements

1st Edition Acknowledgements

I wish to acknowledge the many people who have helped me and have encouraged me in this project.

  1. Mr. Abass Alamnehe, who is a fellow faculty member at Houston Community College. He has encouraged the use of Connexions as an “open source” publishing concept. His comments on several modules have led directly to the improvement of the materials in this textbook/collection.
  2. The hundreds (most likely a thousand plus) students that I have taken programming courses that I have taught since 1984. The languages include: COBOL, mainframe IBM assembly, Intel assembly, Pascal, “C” and “C++”. They have often suggested that I write my own book because they thought that I was explaining the subject matter better than the author of the textbook that we were using. Little did my students understand that directly or indirectly they aided in the improvement of the materials from which I taught as well as improving me as a teacher.
  3. To my future students and all those that will use this textbook/collection. They will provide suggestions for improvement as well as being the thousand eyes identifying the hard to find typos, etc.
  4. My wife, Carol, who supports me in all that I do. She has tolerated the many hours that I have spent in concentration on developing the modules that comprise this work. Without her support, this work would not have happened.

Kenneth Leroy Busbee

2nd Edition Acknowledgements

I wish to acknowledge the many people who have helped make this edition possible, including:

  • Kenneth Leroy Busbee for his initial vision and willingness to share Programming Fundamentals – A Modular Structured Approach using C++ as CC-BY, making it possible to build on his success.
  • University of Cape Town for likewise sharing Object-Oriented Programming in Python as CC-BY-SA and making it possible to build on their efforts.
  • Jay Singelmann and Jean Longhurst, who first taught me structured programming.
  • Joyce Farrell, whose Programming Logic and Design book I have used for several years and has no doubt influenced my approach.
  • Devin Cook for developing Flowgorithm, releasing it as free software, and graciously allowing its use to generate most of the pseudocode and flowcharts used in this edition of the book.
  • Zoe Wake Hyde and the staff and volunteers at Rebus Community for providing a community and platform to create and collaborate on open content.
  • April Browne, Carol Potaczek, and Maisie Sparks for providing subject matter expertise and recommendations for content improvement.
  • My wife and family for accepting my dedication to open educational resources and loving me anyway.

Dave Braunschweig



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